We all need a perfectly working toilet. Nobody wants to spend hours dealing with a toilet that doesn’t flush properly or has waste left in the bowl even after flushing. If ignored, toilet problems can be difficult to deal with and expensive to repair. You can avoid these toilet issues from becoming serious. Simply call a professional toilet plumbing repair person as and when you notice common toilet problems. Here is a list of common toilet problems that you may experience.
Flush Tank takes time to fill
Individuals often regard this as a major problem. But actually, it isn’t that big. Your toilet flush tank might take time to refill after every flush simply because of the low water pressure in your home or a partially closed main shut-off valve. By solving the low water pressure issue or opening the shut-off valve to its maximum limit can easily solve this issue.
Toilet won’t Flush
It can be quite annoying if your toilet doesn’t flush even after pressing the flush handle. This can happen due to several reasons. Empty flush tank, loose handle, and broken ballcock valve are some of the reasons. A broken, disconnected, or long flush chain also result in no flush. By fixing these minor issues with the flush handle, chain, and the ballcock, you can prevent bigger and serious toilet problems.
Constantly Running Toilet
Do you hear a constant, droning sound of water dripping somewhere in your bathroom? Check your toilet bowl. You might notice water running into the toilet bowl all the time. This could be happening for many reasons. Broken ballcock, tangled lift chain, float ball leaks, or incorrect position of the flapper can lead to constant leaks. You can carry out these toilet plumbing repairs on your own or either call a professional plumber.
Wobbly Toilet
Imagine every time you use your toilet and it wobbles or moves slightly from its position. Scary to even imagine right? If you already have a shaky and wobbly toilet, the only reason is that the seal or the caulking is wearing off. The sealing matter or the caulking secure the toilet to the floor. This problem can be solved by applying a new caulking.
Toilet Overflows
Toilet overflows are the most annoying and messy toilet problems. This situation occurs due to clogged toilet drains. People often flush items that don’t belong to the toilet such as toys, comb, sanitary napkins, and bigger metal objects. These objects clog the drains and result in backflow of the waste and eventually the toilet overflow. Call a plumber and unclog the drains so that the waste can easily flow and you don’t have to step into a messy, smelly bathroom.All these toilet plumbing repairs can be easy to perform and won’t cost you much or consume much of your time if you get them fixed before the situation worsens. By keeping an eye on your toilet, you can solve the issues before they become serious and hard to deal with.

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