Plumbing repairs are a pressing issue in any Edmonton household. They can be bothersome and pricey. However, small leaks, clogs and simple fixes are easily doable at home. If you have the right tools and know how to use them, you can take care of small plumbing problems yourself. You might not be able to bring a permanent solution, but you can definitely do a quick fix. Here is want you absolutely need to maintain your home plumbing.


The most basic tool every household must have. These rubber cups form a vacuum around your sink or toilet opening and create pressure to loosen up clogs; very useful to unclog toilets and sinks. They are easily available in supermarkets and have few variants. A bellows plunger is the most effective one.

Plumber’s snake

Another important tool for unclogging is a plumber’s snake. It’s a snake like coil that’s used to push through clogged pipes. It is very handy when dealing with long pipes. Also known as augers, they are easily available in any hardware store at reasonable prices. Don’t resort to bending hangers when dealing with clogged pipes, instead get yourself a plumber’s snake. It is better for your pipes and it actually works contrary to the bent hanger.

Hack saw

It is a useful tool to cut through pipes properly. It can cut through almost pipes of any material and you can also cuts screws or nuts with it. Make sure the blade is tight before you start using it and keep some extra blades handy.

Metal File

Metal file is used to smoothen the edges after cutting a pipe. Not smoothing the edges can be a bit risky for you since you can get cuts and bruises dealing with rough edged pipes. Files are available with rounded and flat surfaces. You can buy the one that suits you.


It is one of the basic tools if you want to grab something or tighten a loose screw. They can grab, twist, tighten and hold. Almost no fitting job can be finished without pliers. Make sure you have them in at least 2 varying sizes. Don’t buy a common size which cannot hold very small things or large things.

Adjustable wrench

A pipe wrench is used to tighten threads of a pipe. Its mouth has a tight grip and adjustable screw can hold pipes of different sizes. Make sure you buy a multipurpose wrench that can be adjusted to different sizes. However, don’t try them for large pipes. To fix large pipes, you will need large pipe wrenches. But they are unnecessary as you probably won’t need then for small fixes. They are used for big fixes which are best left to professional plumbers.

With all these tools at your disposal, you can be your own handy man. Be careful while taking any plumbing job on yourself. And, if you need professional plumbing help you can call Pro Plumbing. They are licensed and qualified plumbers who will readily take care of all your plumbing woes.

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