What are dustbins for if you flush your garbage down the toilet? Obviously, toilets don’t mind flushing down poop, but other matter can be a problem. Toilets are generally designed to take in only the waste generated by the human body. Hence, it becomes difficult for them to flush other waste matter..

Edmonton plumbing gives the suggest us to make proper use of the toilet in order to avoid clogs. Here are the things that cause problems in your sewage system.

Toilet tissues

The most common thing that many people flush down the toilet is definitely tissue paper. These tissues do not always get through the holes of the toilet and even if they pass through the holes they definitely do block the traps. Because of the blocked traps, the waste does not pass through and thus one needs to stop flushing toilet tissues down the toilet toavoid clogs.



Although very small in size, band-aids are made up of plastic that is non-biodegradable. This type of plastic, being harmful to the environment, can also cause clogs in your sewage system.

Cotton balls and swabs

We often flush cotton balls and earbuds down the toilet assuming that it will eventually break down there. But what actually happens is that they get collected one by one in the pipe’s bends and create massive blockages in the drainage system. So, in order to prevent plumbing clogs, Edmonton plumbing experts suggest us not to flush the cotton balls and swabs down the toilet.

Disposable diapers

Only because the diapers contain poop in them doesn’t mean that they can be flushed down the toilet. These disposable diapers are made from toxic plastic that expands when it comes in contact with water. If these diapers do escape down the drain, it will definitely get caught in the U-bend, creating a big problem for your plumbing system


Avoid clogs by not flushing hair in the toilet. We often think that what a thin strand of hair has to do with toilet clogging? But strands of hair get collected in the traps and form giant balls, thus creating blockages and trap odours.

Razor blades

After clogging the toilets, razor blades also do cause a lot of damage to the people working in the sewers who try to remove them. Razor blades are thus not at all suitable in the toilet.

There are a lot more things which Edmonton plumbing experts find when they fix problems.

If you are facing a plumbing clog, it’s best to get in touch with an Edmonton plumbing expert to solve the problem.

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