Bathroom safety should be a priority for everyone. Whether you have children in your home or seniors, adding fixtures to help them access and reach bath faucets, sinks, showers and bathtubs is important. to help avoid slips and falls. In addition to ensuring that all areas in your house are well lit, here are some of the plumbing and bathroom fixtures that can be used in your bathroom for making it a safer place.

1. Grab bars

Make your bathroom safer and smarter at the same time. Grab bars can be fixed anywhere in the bathroom. They can be used by senior citizens to hold and move in the bathroom. Often, taking support of slippery and wet bathroom wall tiles proves to be dangerous. These grabs bars don’t compromise on the elegancy of the bathroom and are available and different colours and finishes.

2. Shower stools

These are special non-corrosive, water-friendly stools that can be used for comfortable bathing. It proves to be an essential element for seniors who find difficulty in walking and standing for a long while. It is space-friendly as it can be folded and placed anywhere in the bathroom.

3. Hand showers

Hand showers have adjustable shower heads and showering system. It can be used by people who have limited mobility. It also comes with a massage system that relives sore muscles.

4. Walk-in tubs

Walk-in bath tubs provide safe and easy access with an entry door at the corner of the tub with low step-over thresholds. It has an in-built chair height seating. It also offers quick drain features.

5. Non slip mats

These are rubber made mats that don’t allow water to stagnate over it. It prevents slips and falls, making bathing experience safe and sound. They are highly hygienic and intoxicated as compared to other mats.

6. Rollators

Rollators are bath friendly wheelchairs for the ones who have minimal mobility. Their wheels are bigger than those of traditional wheelchairs, making it bathroom friendly. They are non- corrosive, foldable and user friendly.

7. Elevated toilet seats

Elevated toilet seats have a raised height by additional 6-inches than that of regular sized toilets, making them easily accessible for senior citizens at home.

Adding generational bath safety products will help make the bathing experience safer for anyone with limited mobility. They also improve access for senior adults who may have difficulty stepping over and standing for a long time

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