When you think of house value you may think that upgrading your property may increase the value of your house. But you hadn’t really considered that plumbing upgrade can increase the value of your house. That is quite natural because plumbing is rarely seen, it’s hidden behind the walls or under the flooring and this isn’t a question a new buyer is going to ask about on his first visit.

However, if you upgrade your plumbing or maintain your current plumbing reasonably well throughout your time in the house, it can increase your home’s value. It will make a lot of difference to the report of an inspector who will thoroughly inspect your property for perspective buyers. Here is how plumbing upgrades can help you improve your home’s value.

Maintenance and repairs:

It’s important to keep all the leaks and clogs in check. Leaks tell the story of bad plumbing maintenance. A poor plumbing repair will not make your home look good in inspector’s report. Make sure you deal with all sort of leakages before you get your house inspected. Moreover, it can save several gallons of water and will also save your property from internal damage.

Epoxy or re-piping:

If your house was built before 1999, chances are that you are use old type of piping and it will decrease the value of your house during valuation. Get a professional to inspect your plumbing. Consider re-piping if your plumbing is very old and corroded because it is very bad for your property’s health. Weigh your options. You can also consider an option of lining you pipes with epoxy. It will save you the hassle of re-piping and still make your piping as good as new. Epoxy will also take care of minor leaks and cracks in pipes.

Upgrade your fixtures:

If your fixtures are old and covered with white deposits of hard water consider changing them. A new sink, a new bath tub, multi position shower head fixtures and new faucets will add a bit of luxury to your house. It isn’t going to be too expensive but will considerable improve your comfort and give a new bold look to your kitchen and bathroom. You can choose from variety of affordable options. If your house has less bathrooms than it is ideal, you can consider adding a bathroom. It will greatly increase the value of your house.

If you want more advise on the matter contact Pro Plumbing. They will give you correct advice on how to upgrade your plumbing systems before you call the inspector. They are a team of qualified and certified professionals. You can call them for all your plumbing needs and for emergencies.

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