Plumbing pipes and fixtures are an essential part of your home. In order to have them functioning perfectly, it is important to inspect them and do the necessary repairs in time. Leaving plumbing issues unattended can lead to adverse effects. You might have to then spend a fortune on fixing the crisis. None of us like to have unexpected plumbing expenses on our plate. Having a systematic plumbing inspection checklist can help you cover all your plumbing issues and fix them before they get worse. Let us take a look at a plumbing inspection checklist that you or your professional plumber can use for your home. 

  • Sinks

It is important to check your kitchen and bathroom sink for any possible issues such as clogged drains or leaking pipes. Your plumber will inspect the water supply line, drainage pipe and fix any plumbing issues if found.

  • Water Heater

None of us want our water heaters to break down especially during winters. So it is best that your plumber inspects your water heater for any issues such as a dysfunctional water heating element, corrosion, temperature, tank capacity, and strength of the water heater pipes.


  • Showers

Turn on the shower, switch to hot water and check for water pressure. If you find the water pressure low then there is a chance that it could be an issue with other plumbing fixtures as well. Your plumber can look for such problems and fix it for you during an inspection.

  • Plumbing Pipes

Make sure that your plumber checks all the pipes on your plumbing fixtures to check for leaks, rot, water pressure and other issues. This inspection will help determine minor issues and fix them before they turn into severe problems.

  • Flushes and Faucets

Shut your commode and flush your toilet to see if it refills to the proper level. If it doesn’t, then it could be because of a bad flapper valve tank. A timely fix can save you the misery of using a dysfunctional flush. Use the faucet and check for water pressure and proper operation. A stiff faucet will have to be repaired or replaced.

  • Water Hose

Check your washing machine’s water hose to see if there are any leaks, or if they are worn out and need replacement. You should replace your rubber water hoses every five years or replace them with stainless steel water hoses.

See to it that you make a thorough plumbing inspection every month or so, to ensure there are no unsolved plumbing issues. Pro Plumbing is an established plumbing company. We have the best professional plumbers in Edmonton. Get in touch with us to get a plumbing inspection done for your home. 


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