Water pipes at your home wear out over the time. What this implies is that the pipes will go on to become corroded. There will be times where your only option will be to replace the existing pipes of your home. But, it does not need to be this way always. If you take right precautions, at the right time, you will be able to detect the situation before it gets out of control. Failing to take the right steps and precautions might lead to a possibility of your house flooding and causing huge monetary loss due to damage of property.

Inspection on a consistent basis

It is required that you inspect your pipes on a regular basis so that you can ascertain if your pipes are doing well or if a replacement is in order. A timely maintenance of your pipes on a consistent basis can save you a lot of trouble and money. Individuals living in homes more than 60 years old should make a habit of having their house plumbing inspected on an annual basis. Especially in places like basements, and utility rooms because if there is something wrong with your pipes you will surely witness it own there. Also, making a habit of checking under your kitchen and bathroom sinks for signs of plumbing distress is a good idea.

Check for stains

Remember to check your wall and surfaces under your plumbing pipes for stains that might indicate a leak. Sometimes, the drips are not very apparent form looking at the pipe but stains underneath plumbing pipes indicates leak.

Check tubing

Keep a check on tubing and see if there is any kind of discoloration happening. Discoloration includes stains, dimpling, pimples and even flaking. These are all indicators of corrosion. If you witness any discoloration happening, then get in touch with a certified plumber who will do the necessary inspection for you and will provide you with a plan of action. irregularities, bring in a plumber to do an inspection.

Keep a check on leaks

Leaks are something that you should be wary off, even the small ones. They are indicators f underlying issues with your plumbing system and might lead to huge problems later on if not dealt with appropriately. Sometimes even small leaks are indicators of your plumbing system crumbling and in need of an immediate replacement.

Keep a check on the color of water in your bathtub

It might seem silly but the color of you water in your bathtub can be an indicator of underlying problems with your plumbing system and pipes. When you fill your bathtub with water, especially after a long time of water being idle in your pipes and you witness a yellowish or brownish tint to your water, then it’s a sign for concern. A yellow or brown tint in your water is a sign of underlying rust in your pipes. Rust is a sign of decay which should not be taken lightly.

It is important that you keep a close tab on your pipes and more so if you are living in an older home. As a plumbing system grows old, it will start to show signs of incompetency and the sooner you witness this, the better it will be. If you want to get your plumbing system inspected then get in touch with Pro Plumbing.

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