Now that the vacation season is nearing, you are surely planning a getaway. Along with being excited about the vacation, you should be a little more responsible towards your house so that you don’t have to return to difficult situations. Simply turning off the faucets tightly doesn’t help. There are several other things that you must do before leaving on a vacation.Here are a few plumbing tips that can keep your home safe from plumbing crisis.

Check and Fix Plumbing Issues

You surely don’t want your home to get flooded while you are on a vacation. Inspect and identify if you have plumbing issues such as leaks and corroded plumbing fixtures and components. Call our professional plumbers and get these problems fixed before going on a vacation. These plumbing problems can result in a high amount of water wastage that leads to expensive water bills.

Turn Off The Main Shut Off Valve

You can solve all water wastage and damage problems by simply turning off the main water supply to your plumbing system, faucets and fixtures, and appliances. By turning off your main shut off valve, you restrict water to run through the pipes when you’re away. This can also prevent frozen pipes, damage to the components of fixtures and appliances, leakages, etc. Also, don’t forget to open your faucets and drain the remaining water in the pipes.

Turn Off The Appliances

Disconnect or turn off the main power supply to the water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, water softener, heating and cooling system, garbage disposal, and other appliances that are connected to your plumbing system. Turning these appliances off can save energy.

Prevent Odors From Garbage Disposal

Nobody wants to come back home after a long vacation and realize the house is smelling bad. The residues and clogs in the garbage disposal can decompose and produce foul odors that can spread throughout your house. Unclog and clean the garbage disposal with the help of our professional plumbers. Or you can simply run some ice cubes and cold water through your disposal as this will push any food particles down the drain.

Keep The Toilet Clean

It is important to keep your toilets clean or you may come home and see a toilet nightmare. Pour half a cup of chlorine in the toilet bowl to keep a ring from developing around the rim. Chlorine will also help in keeping creatures like rats and frogs away from the toilet. These creatures generally crawl up in the bowl through the drains when you are away on a vacation.

Call our professional plumbers in Edmonton to identify and solve all the possible plumbing problems in your house before you are all set for your vacation. Our plumbers are committed to prevent various plumbing problems before they become disasters. With us, you can worry less about your home and enjoy your vacation to the fullest.

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