Before temperatures start to dip, you do everything to prepare yourself for the cold winters. It is important for you to take out some time to prepare your home for winter. It would be very inconvenient to discover problems with your central heating system just as winter begins. Here are a few things you can do before winter’s arrival , to ensure your heating appliances work properly.

Test your heating system:

This isn’t much of a task, rather more of a confirmation check to find out if nothing has gone wrong with your heating system. If you find a problem, you can get it fixed before it becomes a bigger problem.

Schedule anannual maintenance check:

This is an essential step. Your HVAC professional will run a test of your heating system by identifying and determining the faulty components and accordingly repair them. This will ensure that your HVAC system is running in top condition when it is needed the most. Also, a furnace that is completely serviced will be more energy efficient, resulting in lower electricity bill.

Change or clean your filters:

Filters usually require attention more frequently than the whole HVAC system itself. Depending on what kind of filter you have, you may want to clean them, or replace them. Some filters are reusable and some need to be replaced once every two months.

Seal leaky areas in your house:

Sealing the cracks and gaps can allow warm air to persist in your house blocking outside cold air from seeping in. Pay close attention to your home’s roof, windows and doors. If you are unable to locate those gaps, contact an HVAC professional, who will be able to help you locate and seal off those spots. This will also improve the efficiency of your heating system.Furnace maintenance:

The furnace will be something you will be using a lot during winter. Check if the venting ducts are sealed properly; ensure the area around your furnace is clear from any obstructions and flammable objects. Make sure the intake and output pipes are not blocked by leaves or other debris. If you don’t have a furnace with anAFUE rating of 90% or above, you may want to consider a replacement, as this will benefit you in the long run.

Ensure your thermostat works properly:

You may want to replace the batteries of your thermostat before winter arrives so that they don’t perish. If you don’t have a programmable thermostat, you may want to consider getting one. Programmable thermostats are very user friendly, and also help you conserve energy and save on your monthly electricity bills.

Besides these, you should also cover your air conditioner condenser to protect it from snow. Also, get your plumbing system and other appliances fixed, and program your thermostat according to your convenience, so that you get the desired result and performance from your HVAC system.

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