Coming out of a harsh winter, your house needs to be checked for damage, maintenance, and for remodelling projects if necessary. Winter can damage your home in ways which are not easily visible. Spring is just around the corner. Many portions of the home may not been used due to the home owners staying inside the house during the winters. Hence, from the interior of your home to the exterior, getting it ready will ensure that you are all set to enjoy the warm weather.

Not everyone is aware of the issues or damages a house is subjected to or where to look for the damage. This small step by step guide will help you with the basics of the issues you might encounter and how to go about them:

Start on exterior

Take a walk outside the house and you will notice the wear and tear compared to the interior of the house. The exterior is more worn out than the interior. Examine the caulking around windows and doors. Also, check the weather stripping. Inspecting the roof for broken shingles and tiles is a good idea. Don’t miss cleaning the gutters and downspouts.

Clean dryer vents

Clogged dryer vents cause warm air to blow back into the room where the dryer is located thus gradually increasing the temperature of the whole house. A simple cleaning will take care of this.

Repair HVAC filters regularly

Blocked air filters reduce the efficiency of the air conditioning system’s ability to push and pull through air registers. During spring and summer, allergens are higher so replacing filters every 60 days is advisable if your family suffers from the symptoms. Also check if the air conditioner is good condition so that you get the necessary repairs done before hand.

Interior spring cleaning

Your windows- inside and outside could use the cleaning. You will be surprised how much you can see out your window once they have been cleaned. Clean your ceiling fans and fireplace. Test your emergency systems: smoke fire alarm, home alarm, carbon monoxide alarms and fire extinguisher to see if they are working correctly.

Check insulation around windows and doors

Make sure your doors and windows are properly insulated to keep the warm air out. Make sure there is no cracking or peeling of the seals.

Clean exterior drains

Ensure the drains around the house are clean. Remove leaves from the underground or exterior drains to keep them from clogging in case of spring showers and to avoid plumbing issues during spring.

Look for leaks

Common culprits for hard-to-find leaks are attics, washing machine hoses and crawl spaces. Inspect these areas and also check under sinks for damage from frozen pipes and check your water heater for signs of corrosion.

Check your home’s grading

Ensure the grading of your yard slopes away from your home’s foundation to keep the excess moisture at bay.

Above are some of the spring plumbing tips that could come in handy if you are preparing your house for the coming season. If you feel you need to consult professionals check us out at Edmonton Plumbers we offer the right service to make your job easy.

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