Prevent a clogged toilet

Clogged toilets are messy and icky to deal with. And who wants to deal with such a mess every now and then? Apart from being messy, clogged toilets also damage your flooring, weaken your plumbing and eventually burn a large hole in your pocket. Clogged toilets are often caused by our careless habits.

Here is what you can do prevent your toilet from clogging.

Be careful with what you flush

Toilets are only meant to flush human waste and toilet paper. If your try to flush almost anything else, it might create a problem. Don’t flush facial wipes, diapers, feminine hygiene products, floss, hair, paper napkins, food, greases and fats. These materials do not dissolve in water and hence can create clogs in your toilet’s pipes.

Put a waste basket in your bathroom

Keep a waste basket in your bathroom nearby. So, instead of flushing down garbage items, hair and soap packets in the toilet, you can throw it in the waste basket. This will prevent you from flushing unnecessary things down the toilet. Hair and floss threads are a big nuisance that create clogs. Next time you comb your hair, throw it in the waste basket before you step in the shower. This reduces hair fall greatly.

Keep toilet tanks clear

Though toilet tanks may seem like a convenient place to put extra toilet paper rolls, your mobile or other stuff always avoid it. Things kept on toilet tanks can accidentally fall into your toilet and might clog it. And, imagine how disgusting it would be if you have to fish for your fallen articles in the toilet. The last thing you want falling in there is your wedding ring! (It’s happened too many times, alright!)

Address a slow drain

When you notice your flush being slow, it is a sign of a slow drain. Don’t wait for the water to completely stop, take preventive measures to unclog the partial clog that might have formed. Plunge your toilet and chase it down with baking soda and hot water. Avoid using chemical cleaners. Not only do they weaken your plumbing, chemicals kill the good bio degrading bacteria in your septic tank.

Even after taking all the preventive measure, you could still face clogged toilets. This could be for a number of reasons.

– Major block in pipeline

– Pipe being too narrow

– Hard water mineral deposits in toilet.

– Overuse of its capacity

In all above situation it is best to call the professionals at Pro Plumbing. Book an appointment with them. They will visit your property, analyze your situation well and give best solution to fix your problem. Ignoring an often clogged toilet for too long can put you in big trouble. You wouldn’t want to deal with all the damage and diseases that may be brought by an overflowing toilet.

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