Nobody likes to come home to a flooded toilet. Unless you plan on taking a swim, you can use a flooded toilet. An overflowing toilet is nothing short of a bad news, but knowing how to prevent it might just save you a lot of extra work. Most homes face toilet flooding due to clogging or due to an error in the tank float mechanism. Let’s get into ways you can prevent your toilet from overflowing.

1Don’t overdo the flushing

Most people end using the flush again if the toilet doesn’t flush properly after one flush. Due to this, more water is pumped into a already clogged toilet bowl.

2. Turn off the toilets water supply

All toilets have a supply line near the bottom side of the valve, this line always has a valve. Turn the valve counter clockwise to stop the water flow.

3. Remove the cover

Remove the tank cover to get the float cup or float ball. Once you get to it, life the float cup or ball high enough to turn off the water supply. Incase this step fails give the desired result, turning off the water supply will be the right thing to do.

4. Get a vessel

Put on a pair of disposable glove and get a vessel, like a bucket, to remove the excess water from the toilet bowl. Get rid of the water by pouring it in the sink, if it’s clean or else pour it into a separate plastic bucket. Repeat the process until you have got rid of the excess water from the bucket.

5. Get a toilet plunger

Get a toilet plunger and align it to the centre of the bowl and start applying downward pressure. Keep the pace slow at first, and then gradually start increasing the speed and intensity. A plunger helps dislodge the mass which in turn allows water to escape through plumbing.

6. Get a toilet auger

A toilet auger can help flush out foreign object that is stuck in the toilet and is causing clogging. A toilet auger is the only alternative if your plunger did not help you get the foreign object out. Insert the auger inside the tube end into the toilet hole, apply gentle pressure on the other end of the auger to release the snaking portion of the auger, keep turning it at the same time. Pull the auger out of the hole if you feel pressure or resistance indicating you’ve removed the clog.

The above points are going to sure help you deal with a flooding toilet, but incase these tips fall short or if the problem persists then getting in touch with a good plumbing service provider might be your best option. Get in touch with Pro Plumbing and they will see to it that your toilet flooding problem is gone for good.

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