Your septic tank is one of the most ignored parts of your house hold. Once its installed, it’s forgotten unless something really goes wrong. After all, it isn’t all that interesting to think about what happens to waste after it flows down the drain. However, proper and timely maintained septic tank can serve you for as long as 30 years. All you have do is pay a little attention to your septic tank. Let us understand few basic things about septic tanks and how to tell if you need to call for its maintenance.

How it works?

You septic system is divided into 4 parts.

  • Drain pipe
  • Septic Tank
  • Drain field
  • Soil

Waste and water from your house flows into your main drain pipe. From there it goes into your septic tank. A septic tank is a water tight structure which holds water for some time. The solid waste turns into slug and deposits on the bottom of the tank. Here partial decomposition of waste takes place. Water and oil floats on top and moves into the drain field. Your septic tank prevents any solid waste from entering the drain field. Microorganisms and bacteria in the soil digest most contaminates from the soil before it reaches ground water.

Why should you maintain it?

The septic tank, like everything else in your plumbing system, needs maintenance. There are several advantages of maintaining your septic tank regularly.

  • Save money – The biggest advantage is that you save thousands of dollars. A well maintained septic tank lasts long. If you keep ignoring your septic tank, you will have to buy a new one in few years, which is a very cost affair. It is much wiser to pay a professional plumbing service to do a maintenance every 3 years.
  • Protect ground water – Lot of houses use ground water for utilities. If your septic tank isn’t working as well as it should, it will contaminate the ground water. It also increases the chances of health issues for your family due to contaminated water.
  • Sewage back up – If your septic tank hasn’t been pumped in more than 3 years it is time to get it inspected and pumped. As more and more solid waste accumulates in the septic tank, the chances of sewage back up increases. If you have already had sewage back incidences, you must get your septic tank inspected along with your backflow valve.
  • Slow drains – A full septic tank also causes slow drains. The water from all your faucets and pipes will start draining slowly and no amount of unclogging remedies will seem to work. This is a telltale sign that your septic tank needs immediate attention.

Septic tank maintenance is much more advisable than dealing with the icky mess later. Call the best professional plumbing service – Pro Plumbing, for your septic tank maintenance. They are licensed, qualified and experienced plumbers located in Edmonton. They will perform a thorough inspection and give you the best advice for your situation.

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