Recognize good plumbers from bad one

Do you ever get that feeling that the plumber is trying to rip you off? Do you always find hefty unexplained bills handed to you? There may have been a time you plumber doesn’t know how to do his job and he took too much time and eventually did a bad one. There are lot of plumbers out there, some are qualified and professionals and some are self-made who work with trial and error. Some of these plumbers end up giving a bad name to plumbers at large.

Here is how you differentiate a good plumber from bad.

Know about their credentials

Alberta law states that you must get your plumbing and repairing done only by a certified plumber. Always check your plumber’s credentials before giving him a job. An unprofessional plumbing job can be dangerous for your house. It can create unexpected breakdowns and might end up flooding your house. Just imagine the kind of water damage it might cause. Lot of appliances break down due to bad installation. Always get your appliances fitted by professionals. A good professional plumber knows how to do his job well.

How long have they been in business?

If a plumber has been in business for long, he is experienced. Ask him what kind of jobs he mostly undertakes? This will tell you if he is experienced enough for your task. If it is a plumbing service, they will probably have a website. Check out the website for their clients and to know about their areas of expertise. Ask for references. A good plumber can always give you a list of satisfied customers. Take the effort to check up on those references. This is the best way to ensure that he gets the job well.

Are they updated?

Check if your plumber is updated with latest technology. Is he familiar with things like the video camera inspection, trenchless technology and underfloor heating? If he isn’t, it will tell you that he is old school. He uses out dated old school techniques and cannot give you best guidance about latest plumbing innovations.

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