Although we consume and make use of water in major quantities, we don’t always consider how much of it we actually make use off, or how much we waste. Reducing the amount of water we use for our activities is the first step in conserving water, and not only will it help in reducing water utility bills, but you will also perform your moral deed by doing your bit for the environment. Further in this article, we will discuss the ways you can recycle water around your house to save money and conserve this precious, non-renewable resource.

Use buckets
This is one of the most obvious tip you can follow. Before bathing, you usually need to run the water for a while in order to access warm water. The simplest thing you can do is place a bucket and collect the cold water, which you could make use of later. You’ll be surprised to know how much water you are conserving. This water can be poured down a toilet to save one or two rounds of a flush, or you can use it to water you plants, or you can use it for cleaning. Be creative!

Save kitchen water
Water is used for many different reasons in the kitchen. Whether it is washing crockery, utensils, vegetables, or the kitchen itself, this water is usually disposed off without second thought. Collect the water in buckets or basins, and use it for watering plants or cleaning out your driveway. You should also avoid watering your plants, with water that is heavily contaminated with detergents or bleach to, especially those that are edible.

Make use of rainwater
You can divert your gutter water into an attractive planting bed that works like a sponge and natural filter to clean the water. Let it percolate slowly into the surrounding soil by building a rainwater garden. Install a water tank in your garden or attic and collect rainwater. This water can later be reused for washing clothes or flushing toilets.

Install greywater system
It is a system that lets you reuse greywater from your house, which would have otherwise been lost. Greywater is wastewater generated from washbasins, showers and baths and includes discharge from laundry, dishwashers and kitchen sinks. Greywater systems can get pretty complicated, and just like any plumbing setup they do require maintenance.

Conscious effort
It is very important for all individuals to make a conscious effort to reduce the use of water. We as humans have a bad habit of wasting water. Whether it is washing hands, or bathing for too long, we tend to keep our taps running longer then required. So it is the role and duty of every individual to consciously do their bit to conserve this life-conserving resource.

From easy-to-do things to complex water conserving systems, there are many ways you can conserve and recycle water. For more information regarding how you can improve your plumbing system to reduce waste water generation, consult our team of experts.

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