Lost your precious wedding ring, earring, key, or necklace in the piping? Never fear, because we are going to help you rack those drains for your precious items. In the end, this guide will make sure that your valuables fall out without breaking apart your plumbing system. Make sure you turn off the power plug in case your drain is connected to a garbage disposal unit. Electrocution may sound cool but it is really painful. Follow these simple plumbing tips to get your items out.

Search and rescue
Pulling out an item from a dark drain can be difficult. Nonetheless, we cannot just leave it there as it may cause a host of problems, namely clogs. Take a flashlight and check how deep your item has fallen into the drain. If you can see the item, then it is possible that you can wear rubber gloves and pull it out manually. If the item is just beyond your reach but not quite as deep, use a screwdriver or a tong to nudge the item to the mouth of the drain.

Down the drain
If the item is too deep and cannot be seen by the torchlight, it is best to open up the drain pipes. Keep a bucket at the rear end of the pipe and turn on the tap. The water should hose down the clogged item into the bucket. Make sure to clean the bucket afterwards as it’s sure to be a health hazard.

Magnetic attraction
Items that have metallic properties may be retrieved by the use of a magnet. Tie a magnet to a string and put it down a pipe to retrieve valuables. Magnetic screwdrivers can also be used in such situations. Maybe the item has fallen deep into the piping. Use the magnet from the outside of the pipe to guide it to the mouth of the drain. Then use a tong to pull it out.

The pipe trap
The pipe trap is the U-shaped bend in the piping in which your valuable is most likely to be situated. The services of a plumber are best suited for such a complicated procedure. However, those who are hell bent on retrieving their item quickly may unscrew the trap carefully and empty the contents into a pan.

Narrow piping
The piping may not be uniform throughout and your valuable may be stuck somewhere in the middle like James Franco in 127 hours. In such a scenario, unscrew the piping and hose it down from the rear end. The item should emerge at the mouth of the drain.

Somehow or the other you should be able to retrieve your items. However, if you don’t then it might be the case that the item has gone too far into the drainage system and is irretrievable. This rarely happens so you shouldn’t fret too much about it. In case you do manage to break your plumbing in this process worry not. Edmonton’s most trusted and reliable plumbers are at your service.

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