With summer already hitting Edmonton, the rising temperature can lead to an increase of water usage. It’s time to closely inspect your house to find plumbing issues and to take extra care of your plumbing system in order to save water. We have listed a few plumbing inspection tips and other water conservation tips that can make your summers less stressful.

Plumbing inspection tips
1. Check the entire plumbing system of your house to find any leaks, cracks, or broken parts. Fix the leaks and other issues in the plumbing system.2. Check for any clogging issues in the plumbing system, pipes, and fixtures such as toilet, basin, and bathtubs. Call our professional plumbers in Edmonton and get them unclogged.3. Check for leaks from your water heater, especially if you have a storage type water heater. Call the professionals and get these issues fixed.4. Check and fix if you have a running toilet. Also, check and fix leaks from toilet fill tank.

5. Check your outdoor faucets, spigots, and garden hose. Ensure that they are in good working condition.

6. Check your appliances and make sure they are in good conditions. Also, check the connections and pipes connected to them and check if they are leaking.

Helpful Tips To Save Water

1. Install low flow plumbing fixtures such as toilet, faucets, and showerheads. You can also fit faucet aerators or regulators to reduce the water flow and save water.

2. Install a tankless water heater if you are planning to replace your water heater. A tankless water heater consumes and heats water only when you need it.

3. Use hot water only when it is extremely necessary.

4. Operate washing machine and dishwasher only when you have full loads. Washing fewer clothes and dishes in multiple rounds consume a lot of water in every wash.

5. Turn off the faucet when scrubbing utensils, brushing, shaving, and soaping during baths.

6. Use leftover water from the kitchen to water your plants and yard. Some examples of kitchen water leftover include water from boiling eggs, boiling rice and vegetables, and in the tea kettle.

7. Use spray or drip irrigation methods to water your lawn and plants as these methods save a lot of water unlike directly watering using a garden hose.

8. Water your plants, shrubs, and entire lawn in the morning or late in evening. Watering in afternoon results in water evaporation.

9. Use broom and blower to clean your driveways, sidewalks, and pavements instead of washing and cleaning.

10. If you have a swimming pool, use a pool cover to prevent evaporation.

11. Repair any kind of plumbing problem you notice. Replace plumbing pipes or fixtures if they are faulty or corroded.

12. Turn of the shutoff valve if you are going on the summer vacation.

Call our professional plumbers in Edmonton to inspect the entire plumbing system, identify underlying plumbing issues, and fix all the plumbing problems. Our plumbers are experts in providing seasonal plumbing services.

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