Having a pool in the backyard is a dream come true, but there are also many things that need to be taken care of. From the plumbing to cost of setup and maintenance to preventing cracks. But! On the other hand, having a pool at home can be quite fun.

The Pros

Swimming pool has immense fitness, health and sports benefits. It is an aerobic activity and a good cardio workout. With the pool installation in your backyard, you have an opportunity to keep your body fit.

It goes without saying that having a swimming pool is great during Summer.You can get your share of fun without stepping out.

Home buyers will be more attracted to your home than one without the pool.

Swimming pool can be a beauty addition to your home.

A pool gives you the opportunity to surround it with greenery and give your backyard a tropical feel. You can turn this area into a beautiful oasis.

The Cons

Pool installation is a costly activity. You won’t be able to add the value of the installation with your home every time. Remember all home upgrade and renovation would be valued according to the current market demands.

It can be dangerous around unsupervised children.

You will have to add strong fencing and door locks around your backyard to prevent unauthorized individuals from using the pool.

As summers are short in Edmonton, it limits the usage of pool; and winters are not an ideal time to use it.

Certain plumbing basics are to be given due credit which involves more cost.

Maintaining a swimming pool is a tedious job. Improper use can lead to swimmers getting ill. A little advise from Edmonton plumbers can help the owners to maintain it in a better manner.

Quick Summary: Pool or no Pool ??

Get the pool only if you are willing to feed it just you would do to a pet.

If you require further help in making a decision, get in touch with professional plumbers who will be able to provide your assistance.

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