Many are always wondering and confused whether they should have a shower installed in their bathroom or a tub. Well, the solution to this is pretty simple, when you can have both installed. And if you’re worried that you don’t have enough space in your bathroom to install both, don’t fret, there are many ways in which you can make this combination work in small, as well as large bathrooms alike. Moreover, the shower-tub combo is actually very convenient and practical from a spatial point of view.

​Small Bathroom Ideas

It is not impossible to have the convenience of both, a shower and tub in a small bathroom. Although if you’re wanting to have it both installed separately, you will have to compromise on space. But if it’s fine for you to have the shower installed just above the bathtub, then you may save a bit of extra space in your bathroom. The plumbing lines and pipes will in such a case, require a distinct design and pattern.

However, if you wish to have both of it separately, then it would be a challenge, as the plumbing design would change to a certain extent. It’s impractical to have both of them installed separately if your bathroom is small. But if you still desire to have a shower and tub installed separately, it can be possible depending on the style and structure of your bathroom. You will have to install the shower very close to the tub, or you can resize your entire bathroom or only the tub, so that you can manage enough space under the showerhead.

Large Bathroom Ideas

When you have a large bathroom, things become way too easy and simplified. The plumbing pipes get enough space to be designed in a way that all the fixtures are placed aesthetically. Customizing large bathrooms provide the best ways to arrange the shower and tub separately. In large bathrooms, you can install a showerhead above the tub and separately as well.

Large bathrooms can even be designed in various ways by installing glass doors between the shower and the tub. Custom tub-and-shower units can built to any size and configuration, using materials you prefer, as well as special plumbing fixtures and features. For this type, a tub is typically covered with some sort of deck, then topped with a shower surround, and includes plumbing fixtures. Custom installations should be done by a bathroom designer and professional plumber.

While the basic tub-and-shower unit design is certainly practical, don’t be afraid to think outside the shower stall. Upgraded shower heads and faucets can add a level of elegance. You can also opt for prefabricated shower-tub units, but they come in limited design options. However, you can still personalize it with upgraded fixtures of your liking. If you’re planning to redesign your bathroom, in order to have a specialized shower-tub combo, feel free to contact our professional plumbers, they will shower you with many ideas and options that will keep you flooded with choices.

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