As water is the universal solvent, these minerals dissolve, making it hard and unhealthy for daily human use. You keep hearing about hard water here and there. It is a very well marketed fact by several shampoo companies and water softener companies how hard water is bad for you. But, you still need be fully aware how exactly hazardous hard water can be for you and your family’s health.

Kidney stones

Consuming water that is very rich in calcium and magnesium can be a big cause of kidney stones. It is true that out body needs these minerals, but when consumed in large quantities is it very bad for your health. As such, an average Canadian with the amount of protein consumption is already at risk for kidney stones. You wouldn’t want to make it worse.


Affects your skin and hair

Hard water makes your skin rough. Continued use of hard water can cause freckles and wrinkles. Any person who’s had a long swim in the sea will tell you how rough their skin gets. Hard water has a similar effect. It also makes your hair rough and dry and can be a big cause of dandruff. Dandruff is already a big problem when you live in a cold country, why add to it by using hard water.

Makes cleaning tough

Hard water does dissolve many dirt particles and impurities. So when you try to wash clothes or clean surfaces, it is not as effective. It also uses way more soap than soft water. Hard water reacts with soaps and detergents to make white precipitate which causes your soap to go waste.

Ruins your plumbing

After drying, hard water leaves back salts and minerals. These are deposited inside your pipes, creating clogs. It also has more oxidants like calcium oxides and magnesium oxides that react with your pipes causing them to corrode and flake. With prolonged usage, your pipes will have leaks and their life will decrease significantly.

Overall cost

It increases your overall spending. You pay more for water bill, soap, cleaning liquid and frequent plumbing repair. And, not to forget the health hazards that are involved.

The best solution to deal with hard water is to get a water softener. It converts hard water into soft water by taking away all the minerals and making the water suitable for everyday use and consumption. To get a water softener installed, make an appointment with Pro Plumbing. They will test your water, give you suggestions on what kind of water softener you require and take care of the entire installation process. Trust this team of professionals for all your plumbing needs.

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