Hard water and its side effects are much talked about everywhere. You probably are aware about some of the side effects of hard water and understand that it is bad for your plumbing and bad for your health. Hard water is bad for a home and bad for the people living in that home.

So, we will discuss on how to tell if you have hard water in your home.

White deposits:

Have you noticed white deposits near your showers, faucets and platforms? It is a sign that you are getting hard water. Have you seen rough uneven surface with flaking white deposit on your plumbing lines? This too is a sign of hard water.

Hard water is rich in mineral content and these white deposits are remains of these minerals after the water has dried up.

Pipes getting clogged often and appliances fail:

Appliances like dishwashers, garburators and washing machines use water extensively. Their failing frequently is a sign of hard water at home. Mineral deposits interfere with the working of electrical appliances causing them to corrode and break down.

These mineral deposits from hard water can also narrow down your pipes. It usually happens more frequently in narrow pipes than broad. This, results in your pipes clogging every now and then. You might have spent a lot of money on pipe repairs or even re-piping but unless and until you address your hard water issue you problems won’t disappear.

Dry skin and brittle hair:

Have you noticed that your skin and hair is exceptionally rough and dry after a bath on some days and not as much on other? This is a sign of mixed water supply. On the days you get hard water you will experience rough skin and brittle hair.

Higher utility bill:

Hard water takes longer to heat than soft water resulting in higher electric bill. It also means that your water heater is working overtime.

When it reacts with soap and detergent, it precipitates making washing of clothes difficult. This will increase the use of both water and detergent. And in the end your clothes come out looking duller than before.

Hard water isn’t something you should learn to live with. If you notice one or more signs of hard water in your house give a call to Pro Plumbing immediately. They will test your water and tell you if you are getting hard water. You can install a water softener and get rid of all the hard water woes once and for all. Our professionals are at your care even in times of emergencies. You can call us for any plumbing need around your household.

Don’t continue using hard water. Hard water actually is hazardous to your health and very harmful for your plumbing.

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