Drain repair isn’t something homeowners look forward to since it’s always messy, dirty and smelly to get your drains repaired. However, you must remember that if you put off plumbing repairs for too long you will find yourself in a soggy mess. Always be alert about what goes on with your plumbing line because – more the damage, more the expense to fix it. In long run, repairing your drains will prove to be easier on your pocket and it will also save you from bigger troubles of breakdowns or water damage. Here are some tell-tale signs that your drains need some repair.

Slow drains

If the water is not flowing through your drains fast enough, it is a sign of clogging. You can try some DIY ideas for unclogging your drains at home. But if you are facing this problem frequently and at more than one places, it is a sign of a bigger problem.. There could be some trouble in your main line that you should not attempt to fix on your own. It can be risky for your health.


When you spot a leakage in your drain, you might want to fix it with some plumbing putty. However, this is a temporary solution. You must get the drain pipes checked by a professional. Leakage can be caused by several reasons.

– Your house might be too old using outdate plumbing system. There are chances your pipes are corroded from inside

– Use of hard water can decrease the life of plumbing

– Uneven pressure or high pressure of water in the pipes can weaken them.

All of these are reasons you should call a qualified professional to inspect your drains. They will determine the cause of leakage and provide the best solution for your house hold. Don’t ignore the leaks, they can be signs of bigger trouble.

Backflow and bad odor

Every household is equipped with a backflow valve which stops the water from your drains from flowing back into your plumbing system. After many years of use, or due to water pressure, sometimes the backflow valve fails. If you find discolored water in your pipes, it is a sign your back flow valve isn’t working properly. If you notice unpleasant smell near you drain, it may also be a sign that your backflow valve isn’t working very well. You should call a professional plumber to have a look at your main drain. Backflow problem isn’t something you would want to put off.

If your house has any of these problems you should book an appointment with Pro Plumbing. hey are a team of qualified professional plumbers with a lot of experience. You may also consider entering a service contract with them. It will be the end of all your plumbing worries.

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