A water leakage in your water supply line can take place due to a patent or latent defect. The signs, indicating such leakage, go unnoticed till the leakage reaches a point, wherein the shortage in water supply becomes apparent. When this happens you’d wish you had acted earlier on your suspicion and detected the water line leak. This would have reduced your costs towards fixing the leakage and also helped in cutting costs towards your water bill. One must keep in mind that not all water leakages can be detected and as such when you have the slightest suspicion or notice a sign indicating a leakage you must act on them. Sensing the signs is the key. The signs suggesting a water leak can be enumerated as follows:

Keep a tab on the water leak dial

Every water meter has its own design consisting of various indicators which move or spin when the water is being used. Smallest of these indicators would be the water leak dial. Any movement in any of these dials when no water is being used in the house is a clear sign of water leakage inside the house.

Check the sound made by the pipes inside the house

The first major sign of a water leak is the rumbling sound made by the pipes inside your house. Listen at to the point where the water line exits the house and make sure your ear is placed directly on the ear main. The water line should not make any sound if there is no water being used inside the house. Any sound on the water line would indicate that leakage in the main water line outside the house.

Close the main control valve for the main water line

If you hear a sound of running water that steadily decreases, then disappears after you close the main control valve, it is likely that the leak has arisen from a pipe under the floor or slab.

Water Pressure Changes

A not so obvious sign that there is a water leak might be a reduction in water pressure for nearby homes or businesses. This sign is hard to detect as unless all the people affected speak to each other, they all might take it as an isolated incident. The water in these places may also be discoloured along with low water pressure.

These are clear signs to be kept in mind for detecting a water leak in your water supply line. Detecting a water line leak requires you to be alert at all times and be watchful. In cases, where the signs are not clearly visible, it is best to act on your suspicion and contact a licensed plumber. In this regard, Edmonton Plumbers have been catering to the needs of the people living in the Edmonton area, Sherwood area, and St. Albert for the past two decades. Since a water leak can be a recurring problem if not detected and fixed in time, it would be safe to rely on a plumbing company with a good reputation and years of experience.

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    Water damage is not a small topic which is restricted to flood water but has covered a huge area under its influence with various factors like broken pipeline, clogging of pipelines, frozen water pipelines. So this must be concerned on priority when see some sings of water leaking.

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