Forced to shell out for boiler repairs? It’s better to keep an eye on your boiler. Boiler maintenance is the key to ensuring the safety of your boiler. It is an expensive affair to repair your boilers and even more costly business to get it replaced. Thus, it makes sense to maintain your boiler in a good working condition.

Following is a suggested list of boiler care tips to keep your boiler safe.

Annual servicing

You should make it a point to service your boiler once in a year by an engineer who is listed on the Gas Safe Register, even when it is in a proper working order. The engineer will check all the parts of the boiler and clean all its components. This is a must-to-do thing for proper boiler maintenance. The best time of the year to arrange a service for your boiler is the month of September, so you can be sure that your boiler will be able to take the strain of the cold winter months.

Regular usage

Boilers might not function properly if they are not put to use on a regular basis. Experts have recommended that you should turn on the heating for some time, even in the months of summer, just to ensure that the boiler keeps ticking over.

Detect warning signs

Cracks, leaks, weird noises or sooty marks all indicate that your boiler has a problem. It is very important to check your boiler regularly and search for such warning signs. The quicker you find out and repair a problem, the better it will be. Ensuring that any external vents and airbricks are free from blockages is a sign of good boiler maintenance.

Check the pressure

Boiler maintenance is necessary as boilers lose pressure over time and this causes them to work inefficiently. It is, therefore, necessary to check the pressure gauge and top it up if needed. You can do this on your own by reading the user manual, or you can ask a plumber to do it for you.

Adequate ventilation
If your boiler is located inside a cupboard, it might be surrounded by a lot of clutter. Boilers require ventilation so the area around the appliance should be kept free. It has to be easy to access the boiler, so it is necessary to keep the cupboard clean. Your plumber can give you advice on whether your boiler is getting enough ventilation.

These boiler care tips will be useful for all those who want to save money and care for their boiler at the same time.

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