Plumbing problems at home can wreak havoc, and it’s worse when you can’t figure out a solution. However, as obvious at it seems, a simple solution may be all you need to fix your plumbing problem.
Here are simple solutions you can try at home.
Plunger First
The best way to deal with clogs in your drains is to try the plunger. Plunger is the best way to suck out clogs. It is definitely better than throwing down chemical cleansers as they will harm and corrode your pipe leading to leaks and suck. If the plunger doesn’t work at first, pour down warm water and try again.
Run Cold Water Down the Garbage Disposal
When you use the garbage disposal, ensure that you keep the tap running. The cold water will ensure that no food item gets stuck in the pipe that could eventually lead to clogging of the pipe.
Have a Dust Bin in the Bathroom
A big reason why your toilets may have frequent clogs is because people are flushing paper, tissue and pads down it. A simple, yet elegant solution is to have dust bin so that such materials can find a better disposal place.
Use a Strainer
A great way to prevent clogs in all your drains is to use a strainer. A strainer prevents all kinds of debris from entering your pipe and causing possible clogs. Whether it is hair, or soap matter, a strainer will stop it.
Check for Outside pipe Leaks
One major reason why pipes freeze during winters is because of leaks. Pipes that are exposed are more likely to freeze it has a leak. When pipe freezes, it may crack due to the water pressure. Either way, your plumbing system is in trouble. So, find the small leaks and patch them up before they become bigger problems.
Look out for Discolored Water
Discolored water of brown-reddish color and it is a sign of rusting in your pipes. When you find that discoloured water, you need to find out which pipe is rusting and get it replaced. You will have to call a professional plumber to solve this problem.
Sometimes simple solutions are good enough, other times you need a professional plumber. When that time comes, give Pro Plumbing a call and we’ll take care of your plumbing system.

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