Floor drains are an essential aspect of your home’s plumbing system. During a crisis, like your home suffers a burst pipe or you have a flood issue , your floor drain is the only way through which water can exit and not cause damage and mold growth in your house. If you start experiencing any issues with your floor drains, take care of them immediately so your plumbing doesn’t stop working.

Some common floor drain problems are:

Drain Blockages

If have a floor drain that overflows on a constant basis or fails to drain out completely then, it is likely that you have a drain blockage. The main reason for drain blockage is materials like hair, dirt, soap, or grease that builds up inside of your sewer pipe which in turn causes a clogged drain. If you are stuck in such a situation, then you should immediately get in touch with a professional plumbing service provider. They will be able to clear the pipe and will get it working again. In severe cases, you will find the pipes get blocked when they break and get filled with dirt. If this is the case indeed then, a pipe repair or replacement is in order.

Foul Odors

Odors emanating from floor drains can be pretty awful. Most cases of foul odors have the trap becoming dry and there’s nothing that can prevent the sewer odors from getting inside your home as well. There’s also a chance that along with odors, you might have insects from the sewer making their way into your home. So, this problem should be dealt with on immediately. In many cases, you can also pour warm water down the floor drain. It will allow you to block both the odors and the unwanted insects.

Leaky Sewer Pipes

A floor drain is designed to ensure that only a little amount of water backs up when a lot of water is discarded from your home into the sewer. This water is allowed to back up a little, so as to limit pressure on your main drain pipe. If, in case, you fail to get a little of this normal overflow in your floor drain then, it may be an indication of having a broken sewer pipe and your waste water is leaking into the ground.

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