There are a lot of interesting things that happen in the toilets, ahem…some of them are necessary, some are best left unsaid and well, some are history. Toilets are not a new invention, but before them, the call of nature was only answered in the field. Toilets are as old as the oldest civilisation. So what interesting facts should you know about the toilet?

1) Things Happen!

Accidents are quite common in the toilet. Ever year there are about 40,000 people who manage hurt themselves in the toilet. Now, don’t deny it, everyone has that relative who slipped and fell in the bathroom.

It even happens to Kings! In fact, King George II died in the toilet due to heart failure. So, just be extra careful when inside, anything can happen!

2) It’s a Cause for Argument

If you’re married, then you know what I’m talking about. A study from Blanx White Toothpaste found that 70% of partners argue about going to the bathroom. Just know, you’re not the only person in the world fighting for his/her rights to the toilet.

3) Toilet Tuner

You’re not the only person who can make music while shower singing. The toilet flush sounds on the E flat key. E flat is used to help tune the guitar chords.

4) Toilet Chats

The water cooler is not the only place where the gossip occurs. Over 8 million people in the UK carry their phone to toilet to talk. But, wait, that’s not all! Guess how many drop their phones in the toilet bowl? Studies in the US show that 7 million drop their phone in the toilet bowl. Now, now, don’t deny it, it has happened to you too!

5) Hibernate in Toilet

The average time you spend in the toilet is 3 years. Seems like 5-10 minutes, but in your average lifetime, you’ve wasted 3 years away.

6) The Toilet Controversy

The first time a toilet flushing scene was shown on the big screen, it ruffled a lot of feathersYou remember that screaming scene in the bathtub from the film Psycho. Well, Alfred Hitchcock showed a toilet flushing too and it was a national scandal!

7) A Toilet with a Need for Speed

There is a toilet with wheels that can ride at 46mph. Jolene Van Vugt, (yes, Nitro Girl!), holds the land speed record for the fastest motorised toilet.

8) Do It in Style

When you’re conducting your toilet activities, you need to do it in style. Well, that’s what exactly happened in Hong Kong. The most expensive toilet in the world is made up of 24 Karat gold and made by Hang Fung jewellers.

9) The Toilet Is Not as Dirty as You Think

Anyone would assume that the toilet is a very dirty place. However, the average keyboard has 200 times more bacteria than the toilet seat. Forget that, the mobile phone has 18 times more bacteria than toilet handles.

10) There is a God

The Ancient Romans wanted to have a good toilet experience, so they created a Sewer Goddess and Toilet God. So when you’re having trouble in the toilet, start praying to them.

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