Ever since we’ve been born, water has been one of those things that was always readily available to us. Water has always been free-flowing and we’ve always used it like we have an infinite supply. The reality, however, is quite different. Despite the fact that we have been filled with innumerable water-conservation advertisements and the fact that we consciously are aware that our water supply on earth is finite, we tend to take it for granted. That is generally speaking, of course, and not true for everyone.
Even though water doesn’t seemingly appear short, using less water means that you are significantly reduces energy use and of course saving money.

That being said, it is vital for us to conserve water more so than ever now for the benefit of our future generations and the survival of our current generation. Also, as you are probably well aware, water bills are soaring!Here is how simple conscious efforts can save truckloads of water going to waste.

1) Mornings can be tough for some people.  In fact, there’s a word for people that find it hard to get out of bed in the morning. Dysania. That is why; you may need to make the following step a habit. Turn the water off while brushing your teeth. Apparently this can save up to 6 litres of water per minute.

2) Use a cistern displacement device in your toilet. This reduces the amount of water used every time you flush. These will be available with your plumber or your water provider.

3) Showers are glorious undoubtedly! But we need to cut them down drastically. A shower can waste up to 45 litres of water every minute!

4) Other than being irritating to our ears, a dripping tap can waste more water than we imagine. Always get a dripping tap fixed immediately. We do not want to be wasting over 5000 litres of water every year, do we?

5) Make sure that you pile your clothes in your laundry basket so that you can do a full load every time. This way you won’t have unnecessary washes and waste water.

6) Invest in a good watering can to save water as opposed to a hose pipe. In addition, mulching your plants and watering them early in the morning can reduce evaporation drastically.

7) Get your home installed with a water meter. When you are aware that you will be paying for exactly how much water you use, you will be less likely to waste water.

8) The modern market is more than well equipped with water conserving products. Water –efficient showerheads, toilets, washing machines, taps and dishwashers are very readily available in stores. Try and equip your house with these amenities.

9) Use a broom and not a hose to clean driveways and areas with dust and other dry waste.

10) Insulate all your water pipes. This way you will get hot water faster than waiting for the water to heat up and avoid wasting water. Insulating pipes is easy and inexpensive too.

Just think of how much good you will be doing to the environment and to your pockets!

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