If you have a pipe out in the open then you have to be really careful in the winter seasons. The cold weather results in instant freezing of the water pipes and this may result in quite a few problems for you. If the pipe is frozen with water inside it, then the frozen water will expand, creating a pressure as much as 2000 pounds per square inch. This high level of pressure inside the pipe may result in bursting of the entire pipe line, causing you some serious damage. The bursting pipe will result in the channel of the hundred of gallons of water and that can damage the things inside your home. How to save yourself from such situations? Well, it can be done by Thawing frozen pipes. Read on.

Using Heat lamp

You can use the help of heat lamp by making the surface of the pipe hot. But you need to make sure that you are doing it from a distance as the intense heat from the lamp might melt the pipe. Make sure that the lamp is held at least 7-8 inches away from the pipe. This method is used for the pipes that are behind the walls and the ceilings. As the heat generated from the heating lamp will cause the pipe to melt.

Using Propane torch

Another method you can use to thaw frozen pipes is by the use of propane torch. The torch will throw a flame directly at the pipe causing the frozen water to melt. Make sure you are using this method on a pipe that is of metal. Plastic pipe will melt immediately is exposed to the flames of the propane torch.

Using hair dryer

You can also use the household hair dryer to melt the frozen water. Though it may take more time than required, but it will get your job done. Thawing the frozen pipe works on the simple principle of melting the ice inside the pipe to resume the proper flow of the water. You can also try running the hot water inside the pipe. The hot water will instantly bump up the temperature inside the pipe, causing the ice to melt.

Always make sure that the end of the pipe if open before you begin the thawing process. As the ice will melt inside the pipe, it will result in the pressure of the water as more water will join. To make sure it flows as it melts the need of the pipe should be open so that the water flows. Also ensure that the pipe is properly sealed from the entire right place to avoid any leaks during the thawing. As the pressure of the water might make the pipe to leak from certain place, it may cause damage along the pipe from which the routing of the pipe is done. If you are not able to do thawing at home, you can always call for professional help to get the process done.


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