Plumbing is much like the heart of a building, as it carries water throughout the building into every apartment. It is just as important to keep your plumbing serviced and working at its best as it is to take care of your heart. This list of plumbing maintenance tips will prove useful in sustaining and preserving the inflow and outflow of water in your house.


1. Keeping a Check:
Much like any machinery, or even non-machinery, the plumbing system in your house requires a regular upkeep. It is always better to prevent any plumbing emergencies than to delay the problem and wait for it to burst on us, which might happen quite literally if preventative measures are not taken in time. The most innocent-seeming leaks can lead to big problems when it comes to plumbing. Do regular check-ups of the piping to avoid any heavy disturbances.


2. Have a Reliable Plumber at Hand:
The qualities of a good plumber are that he should be dependable and skilled in his trade. He should arrive at your doorstep within minutes of being called, and he should be able to determine the problem without much ado. If your plumber possesses these qualities, then you know you have found yourself a keeper.

3. Be Smart:
Being smart means, for all intents and purposes, not doing stupid things. Do not flush anything except toilet paper down the toilet, as anything else will clog your drainage and all the piled-up waste will inadvertently surface as a stinking heap of wet garbage. Avoid flushing sanitary napkins, towels, chewing gum, your baby’s diapers, or any hard items down the toilet.

4. Prevent Frozen Pipes:
The best way of keeping the cold from getting through to your pipes is insulation. Insulate exposed pipes in a crawl space or in the garage with easy-to-install plastic insulation. Before winter announces its arrival, remove exterior hoses, and apply insulating caps to outdoor fixtures. Households with automatic sprinkler systems can clear standing water with suppressed air.

5. Know the Basics:
However, it is always beneficial to have a little knowledge of the basic know-how of plumbing if any emergency should occur. You should know where to look when a problem arises, so that you can fix it yourself if it seems like a simple enough issue. For example, if water is gushing from your sink, toilet or anywhere else, locate your home’s main shut-off valve for the water supply. A flashlight should be kept handy when looking for valves. With a few tools and just the basic knowledge, most of you can solve everyday plumbing problems yourself.

Follow these tips and save yourself the trouble of an expensive plumbing job that will drain your wallet and leave a huge hole in it.

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