Most people don’t give much thought about their pipes or plumbing. But, whenever the plumbing system fails it creates panic in the household. No matter how careful you have been with your plumbing, break downs happen and the household panic starts. It’s important to stay cool and think about the best options. Let us discuss what plumbing emergencies can cause panic and analyze the best ways to deal with them.


When you see your basement or floor flooded, you might start panicking immediately. It is quite understandable. You must keep calm and breath. If the flooding is from an appliance turn of the water supply valve connected to it. To be able to do this you must know where the shut off valves are located in your appliance. If you can’t figure out the sources just turn off the main water supply. And call your emergency plumbing service.

Toiler water flooding:

When the water from toilet starts overflowing everywhere, it is a scary situation. Immediately shut the valve behind the toilet. This will stop the water for time being. As a precaution, do not ever store your clothes in the last rack of your bathroom closet. If your toilet floods, you will have to get rid of the clothes. But, if you put linens and towels, they might be able to withstand all the bleach and antiseptics used to clean them after wards.

Frozen Pipe:

Frozen pipe is a common issue in Edmonton. Cold weather can be bad for your pipes, especially if they aren’t well insulated. Frozen water in pipes expand and damage the pipe or cause it to burst, which would cause major damage in the house. So when you realize you have a frozen pipe, try to thaw it gently with a blow dryer, or by wrapping a hot towel around it. Instead of heating it in middle, start from the end, near the faucet and gradually cover the entire area of pipe. Don’t tryopen or immediately heat on the frozen pipe. You can risk thermal water expansion and damage the pipe. If your problem is not solved take professional help.

Be a smart home owner, keep an eye out for trouble. It is important that you know where all the shut off valves are located. Share this information with your spouse too. This will save you a lot of water damage. In case you are faced with any of these plumbing emergencies, take the initial steps swiftly and then for professional assistance call Pro Plumbing. Our team of qualified experts will take care of all your plumbing emergencies.

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