A garbage disposal or a garburator has become a basic appliance in most Canadian households. Its keeps your kitchen smelling fresh and it also helps you quickly clean your kitchen after meals. It shreds food into smaller pieces so it can easily pass through plumbing. With good care and maintenance, a garbage disposal can last for several years. But, lack of proper knowledge and maintenance may cause your garburator to break down, or even clog drains, causing major trouble in your plumbing system. If you take care of your garburator, it will last longer and you won’t face any problems.

What not to put down the disposal:

There are some substances that your disposal cannot dispose properly. And they will cause it work less efficiently or even break down. Here is a list of items you should be careful with.

  • Fibrous & Starchy items. Fibrous items entangle with the blades and starchy items get thick. So avoid banana peels, potato peels, corn husk or cobs and celery.
  • Coffee filter, coffee beans, eggs. These items are either sandy or muddy and can clog drains.
  • Hard seeds of peaches or avocados. These are really hard on blades and may cause them to break
  • Grease, it will clog your drains so should be completely avoided
  • Plastic or Fabric
  • Glass, small metal parts
  • Hair should be totally avoided as it cling to blades and mess the disposal system.

Use cold water:

Always run cold water when you switch on your garbage disposal. Cold water keeps the system cool and reduces the problem of overheating. It also pushes the waste down the drain more easily. Keep the disposer and water running for 30 to 60 seconds, after the waste is cleared from your drain for disposing of small remaining bits and for cleaning the disposer. Never use hot water because it will melt then and it will re-solidify in the drains later creating clogs.

Clean it regularly:

Always wipe the disposal off once your job is done. Clean the inner rubber area it tends to get dirty. Once in a while, make some ice from lemon juice and pour it in down your sink. This will work as a great cleaning and freshening agent. There are biodegradable bags with cleaning powder available in the market. You can put those down your disposal with water, it will foam and clean your disposal. You can also use dish soap alternately.

What to do when it jams:

Sometimes your garbage disposal will jam. Most of the times, it can be reset using the reset button on it. It is usually underneath your sink on the motor of your disposer. Check for a blown fuse or a circuit breaker. If it does not start, you should hand crank it using an Alan wrench. If you still cannot get your disposal to work call a professional plumbing service. Pro Plumbing provides professional and reasonable service at your door step. You can also call them in times of emergency.

It is simple takes some common sense and little care to maintain your garbage disposal. Keep in mind all the above tips to enjoy a fresh and clean kitchen for a long time.

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    Just wondering what the installation prices are for a disposal

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