Water hardness in Edmonton averages 12 to 16 grains per gallon, which means that it is a moderately serious problem. Fortunately, the solution is very simple: If you have a hard water problem, get a water softener.

This is how you can find out whether or not you need a water softener at home.

  1. Check to see if there is any damage to your dishes, glasses, and cutlery. The particles that are usually found in hard water are abrasive and they cause stains, fogginess in glasses, and spots. These stains remain even after thorough washing and drying.
  2. Hard water causes itchy dry skin and dull hair. This happens due to the increase of calcium and magnesium salts contained within the water. This leads to the effectiveness of soaps and shampoos to be vastly reduced.
  3. If your clothes are appearing grayer and most colors seem to be fading, or if your clothes feel scratchy and are not affected by washing powder, no matter how many times you wash them and dry them, then you may have a hard water problem.
  4. Defective plumbing is one of the harshest and most expensive consequences of hard water.

How Does a Water Softener Help?

If you have all the signs of having a hard water problem at home, then the first thing you must do is install a water softener. There are endless advantages of having a water softener.

  • Your soap and shampoo will lather better. Your hair and skin will feel noticeably cleaner, softer, and less dry.
  • Your clothes will be softer, cleaner, more vibrant, and brimming with brightness. Not only will the quality of your clothes improve, but they will also have an increased lifespan. Using soft water and pure soap products increases the life expectancy of clothing and linen by 30%.
  • Any appliances that use water to run efficiently will last longer and run better. This is because water heaters, washing machines, and dishwashers can wear out faster when used with hard water as compared to when they are used with cold water.
  • In the kitchen, soft water will make it easier for you to clean your dishes. The gray film and the foggy layer that hard water causes on glasses will no longer be an issue, because soft water is not laden with harmful minerals.

There is absolutely no downside to using a water softener, and it is, without a doubt, a smart investment. If you are looking for a professional service to install or replace your water softener for you, then Pro Plumbing is the place for you to call.

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