Dissatisfied with how your loo functions? Want to buy a better toilet? Here are a few things you should know before you make that purchase.

Gravity fed models

These are your traditional variety toilets which use the force of gravity to flush water down the bowl. This creates a siphon action which pushes down waste into the sewer line. These toilets are the least expensive. They last for a long period of time and make lesser noise than pressure fed models. Over a period of time, the flush system weakens and the clogged bowl must then be flushed manually using a bucket.

Pressure assisted models

These toilets build up water pressure in sealed tanks that is shot out evacuating all the waste. There is a water pressure requirement for these toilets that can be easily checked by the plumber. Reliable in removing clogged elements from the bowl, these toilets are more expensive but the flush system lasts for a longer period of time. The flush system also makes a lot of noise and might be embarrassing.

Vacuum assisted models

They are similar to gravity fed toilets but use vacuum spaces to provide a stronger flush. They are more reliable than gravity fed toilets and quieter than pressure assisted toilets, however they are more expensive than both.

Dual flush models

They are essentially gravity fed toilets. They have two flushes, one for a weaker flush and another for a stronger flush. This function saves water. They are cheap eco-friendly variants to above toilets.

High efficiency models

These toilets have a powerful flush and use a small amount of water. An eco-friendly variant that is effective but not cheap.

Toilet accessories
Your toilet won’t be complete without some accessories.

  • Heated Seat: Low voltage heating elements that keep the seat warm and a thermostat that is used to maintain seat temperature.
  • Bidet: Jet can be added to your toilet seat. These spray warm water and help maintain cleanliness and reduce amount of toilet paper consumed.
  • Antimicrobial coatings: -They prevent bacteria from growing on the seat as well as exude a pleasant fragrance.
  • One piece design: A one piece design is more compact great for smaller toilets but more expensive.
  • Two piece design: Traditional design
  • Bowl Height: Determining the ideal bowl height for people who prefer more space and sanitary protection.
  • Bowl Length: For more comfortable seating longer, the bowl length can be chosen.

Toilets today come in all shapes, sizes and color. From tank-less toilets to wall mounted toilets there are many varieties. Make sure to select all the right components to make your toilet an abode of comfort and peace. Select a reliable plumber who’ll make that happen.

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