We design our home into a peaceful haven; into something that reflects our style. Though the rest of the house is artistically fashioned, most of us are stuck when it comes to the bathroom. Boring ugly walls, mismatched sanitary ware, and clutter everywhere can give your bathroom a shabby look. So, give your bathroom a classic makeover with these fool-proof tips on designing your washroom.

  • Plan it out: Know exactly what you are looking for- a powder room, a shower room or a family bathroom. Choose the right kind of bathroom remodelling design that suits your home and lifestyle the best. Pick the right sanitary ware, faucets, cabinets and decor that look colour coordinated and not mismatched. Hire the right professionals to get your job done.
  • Cut the clutter: The clutter is what makes your bathroom look like a shack. Throw the unnecessary things out of your bathroom. If something is not being used, then keep it in storage room. This will clear half of the mess and make your bathroom clean.
  • Invest in good bathroom furniture: Don’t get rid of your toiletries, arrange them! Bathroom cabinets help in increasing space utility. With a cool bathroom cabinet, you will be amazed to see how all those toiletries fit into that small space.
  • Place it right: The right placement of the sanity ware makes your bathroom more spacious. When space is at a minimum, mounting a towel bar on the shower door keeps towels handy. You might need to store the bulk of your towels in a nearby linen closet, but having that one towel close by to dry off with is essential.
  • Use a shower curtain: A shower curtain that moves back and forth saves space over a glass door that moves in and out. Shower-tub combos can actually fit into small spaces, with some tubs coming in at 60 inches in length.
  • Use a large-scale pattern: Large-scale patterns, like wide stripes, can trick the eye into seeing expanded space. The square footage might stay the same, but the bathroom will feel bigger.
  • Expand the mirror: In the tightest spaces, having a mirror stretch across the wall instead of just the vanity can enable two people to use it at once. In less-than-ideal space conditions, every inch helps.
  • Get the sink right: The narrow, clean styling of a trough sink is a good-looking space solution. Trough sinks have a low profile. When wall mounted, they free up floor space as well for storage or foot traffic. Sometimes even a pedestal sink can disrupt the only available traffic lane in the bathroom. In this case, placing a corner sink across from the toilet works better than a sink across from the shower. The opening and closing of the shower door usually creates an awkward walk-around condition.
  • Bathroom decor: Placing a bathroom decor accessory will notch up the style of the bathroom in a blink. Choose the best minimal yet stylish accessory for your washroom, and add an interesting twist to your washroom.

Don’t leave your bathroom out to dry. With these tips, you can style it up and improve it so much so that it may become your favourite room in the house.

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