Did you know your heating system is the largest contributor to the total energy consumption of your home? This means you must pay attention to furnace maintenance to ensure your furnace is both running properly and operating efficiently. Heating systems are usually trouble-free and easy to maintain. Here’s a list of easy, DIY furnace maintenance tasks.

Change the Filter
The furnace filter protects the blower and motor. It filters the air before it moves into the furnace equipment and gets heated. It filters dust, dust mites, pollen, bacteria, spores, etc. to protect the furnace components. A dirty filter won’t operate efficiently but it will affect the airflow and air quality. Change the filter every 30-90 days, depending on how frequently you use your furnace. 

Maintain the blower Motor

The blower motor drives the fan that provides air movement to the furnace. This motor has a lot of working parts, and if not well maintained, it can begin to breakdown. Clean the motor with a vacuum and brush so that it functions perfectly. A noisy blower indicates the sign of failure. 

Clean the Furnace

Over the years, dirt and dust can enter and get deposited inside the furnace body. Dirt inside the furnace can lower its efficiency, waste considerable amount of fuel, and also result in overheating. You must clean the filter system, blower fan, and the motor regularly to keep dirt away. Use a vacuum to remove the dust, dirt, and debris once a month and make sure the unit is clean. A dirty pilot can cause the thermocouple to get false readings. Hence, clean the pilot too. As the pilot is a small and sensitive part, you can clean it using a drinking straw to blow the air.

Clear the Air Vents

For your heating system to work properly, the air in your house must circulate completely throughout the system. Blocked air vents throughout the house can provide less amount of heat. Blocked air vents can also make the furnace less efficient, eventually damaging it before its time. Use a vacuum to clean dust and debris in the air vents regularly and make sure they are not being blocked.

De-Clutter the area around
Generally, furnaces are located in separate, less occupied rooms such as the basement or storeroom as it needs free space around it to operate effectively. Placing furniture, boxes, or anything heavy around the furnace can result in furnace overheating. Also, placing flammable items like chemicals, clothes, paint, aerosols, gasoline, etc. can lead to accidents. So, remove everything that is kept around the furnace or even on the furnace ducts and vents.

Like other plumbing problems and defects, if you notice or experience defects in your furnace such as low performance, strange smells or sounds from the mechanism, schedule an appointment with our Edmonton professional plumbers right away. We will be there to rescue your furnace in no time.

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