​A grass lawn is not just pleasant to have, it can be turned into a wonderful place for your kids to play, your dog to run about and your cat to stroll on. It is definitely more than just a status symbol that just sits in front or back of your house. It adds a wonderful scenic beauty to your home.

Grass lawns are great, however, they also consume plenty of water. Unlike trees, the roots of grass do not sow deep into the ground to reach ground water (this aspect also makes grass high maintenance). Grass lawns need a good amount of water, daily.

So, how do you water your lawn in the best and most efficient manner possible?

Reduce Water Consumption

  • Mow your Lawn Often 
    This may seem like a nuisance, but the length of your grass matters. To get that lush, green look, your grass needs to soak in the water. The longer the grass is, the more water it will need. You are not growing a jungle, so keep your grass short
  • Less Fertilizer
    The more fertilizer you use, the more the soil will absorb the water. Utilize only the recommended amount as per the fertilizer instructions.

The Right Time

You may have heard of this before, and as obvious as it seems, it needs to be mentioned, just in case you are not doing it. The right time to water your lawn is early morning or late evening. The problem with watering your grass lawn in full sunlight is that water evaporates quickly.

Night is also the wrong time as grass requires sunlight for photosynthesis along with water.

Use a Sprinkler System

A sprinkler system is much more efficient at watering your lawn than you and your trusty water pipe are. It evenly distributes water around the lawn. More importantly, a sprinkler system can be set to automatically water the lawn in the early morning or late evening hours, so it requires less effort for you too.

When you use a sprinkler system, ensure that you keep an eye out for malfunctioning or broken sprinklers. A broken sprinkler could overwater your lawn.

Avoid Runoff

Water that runs off into the street or the drain is wasted water. Strategically water your lawn so as to avoid runoff. If you need to change the position of your sprinklers, then do so. Also, an effective way of preventing runoff is to water the lawn slowly, allowing the soil and grass to absorb the water.

It is best to have a professional plumber look at your lawn watering system. This way, you have a professional assess how you can use water more efficiently when watering your lawn.

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