If you are planning on keeping a plumber handy and have no idea which one to choose then a few tips will help you make your decision. Here are 5 things to keep in mind when you are considering selecting a good plumber for your home or office.

Plumbing is a skilled trade so it is best to do a background check on your plumber’s qualifications first. Every tradesperson has a licence number and an ID card for some validation. Find out if they are insured, state certified and licensed before you sign them on.

Experience is important as it tells you that your plumber will know exactly what he’s doing. However, do not be hard on a new company. Every experienced plumber had to begin somewhere. Instead, do a few pilot runs to figure out if you have an honest, skillful and professional plumber. Most plumbers are experienced enough or rather knowledgeable enough to fix regular plumbing issues. Find out if your plumber has some specialized area of skill or if he is better equipped for just basic work or even more complex plumbing jobs. Check if your plumber has the tools to diagnose, to install and to repair things around your house.Quote
It is wise to always get a written estimate before signing any contract with a plumber. Make sure you get a full breakdown of labour charges as well as material costs and any additional fees, especially if the job is a massive one. Maybe your plumber charges by the hour, so find out his hourly rate and check and compare with a few others. You can ask friends or family to help with an estimate of how much their plumbers charge them. However, quality should precede price so do a full quality check and if it justifies the quote then why not. You would rather have a good job done than a cheap and shabby one.

Warranty and Insurance
Find out if your plumber is insured for their work in case of unforeseen circumstances. Sometimes plumbing companies come with a guarantee or a warranty on installations. Finding out these things will help you be at rest in case anything goes wrong.

The availability of your plumber is really important because most plumbing jobs that aren’t new installations happen to be emergencies. Sometimes due to hygiene and safety reasons, it is unsafe to wait till you find an available plumber, hence finding one that will be available is important.

Remember to not let price affect your decision. Get to know your plumber and work out what works for both of you.

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