On the surface, your landscaping beautifies your home, but underground, the same landscaping could be damaging your plumbing and sewer systems. The roots of the trees in your yard can creep into your pipes and disrupt your entire plumbing system. Know how roots damage your plumbing and how you can deal with it.

How can tree roots affect your plumbing?

Tree roots are attracted to the moisture, nutrients and oxygen in your sewer pipes. The smallest of gaps and cracks in your pipe fixtures can lead to moisture leaking out, attracting tree roots. Fissures in your sewer pipes can release water vapor coming from heated water which is easily detected by roots from even a few meters away, drawing them towards the sewer line. These roots can slither into the cracks and gaps in your pipes and start forming a root network there. They will act as a filter for your sewage waste and hamper the speed of the sewage flow. Over time, the root network will grow considerably and cause a complete blockage of your sewer pipes. Tree roots are strong enough to wedge themselves into a tiny crack in your pipes and grow until the pipe bursts from their pressure.

Are tree roots causing your plumbing problems?

  • If you notice a gurgling sound coming from your toilets when you flush, it could be a sign of a blockage in your sewer line. Get your sewer system inspected by a professional Edmonton plumber to check if there are any roots blocking sewer pipe and clogging the toilets.
  • If your drains and toilets get clogged regularly, you should have your sewer pipes checked by a local Edmonton plumber. It could be blocked due to tree roots in the drain pipe. If this is the case, ask your plumber to clear your sewer pipes of roots and fix any gaps in the fixtures.
  • If your landscaping comprises of large trees with roots spreading far and wide, they could be drawn to your sewer system and be the cause of your plumbing problems. Plant smaller plants and shrubs in your yard with smaller root systems. If you do have big trees, ensure they are at least 10 meters away from your sewer pipes, so that their roots do not reach your plumbing.
  • If you live in a home that is over 25 years old, get your pipes checked. Older homes have clay pipes that are porous and release moisture. Ask your local Edmonton plumber to install PVC pipes as these are leak-proof,non-porous and will not attract tree roots. Even if you have steel pipes, have them checked as these are prone to corrosion and may need to be replaced with PVC pipes. Have your plumber make sure that all pipes are tightly fitted without any gaps and there are no cracks in any of the pipes.
  • To remove any existing tree roots in drain pipes, you can use a chemical tree root removal or do it manually with a root cutter. Chemicals such as copper sulfate crystals prevent roots from growing in and around your sewer lines due to their poisonous nature.
  • Ask your plumber to conduct a regular maintenance of your sewer lines and inspect the structure of your pipes.

Seek advice from your local Edmonton plumber on how to keep your pipes safe from tree roots looking for moisture and avoid unnecessary costs of repairs and replacement of damaged pipes and inconvenience due to clogged drains in your home.

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