The summer season is here! And it is time to hit the pool. Swimming is one of the top sports activities indulged in Canada. Those who want to bring swimming pools closer to home may choose to install a home pool.

These are the varieties of home pools available in the market.

Outdoor above ground pool
An outdoor home pool is a simply structured unit. It provides a relaxing dip for homeowners in the summer heat. With nominal costs of setup and maintenance, they make an ideal choice for any homeowner.

Outdoor below ground pool
An outdoor below ground more is a deeper, more intricate pool. Ideal for those who wish to do some serious swimming in the summer season, in the comfort of their homes. The tiling and interior design option for this structure are quite flexible. However, before setup it is advised that you receive a check up of your backyard, to make sure it does not conflict with the natural water systems in the earth.

Outdoor Jacuzzi
Want to take a relaxing dip in the winter season? An outdoor Jacuzzi is a great way to make your swimming sessions last all year long. Hydrotherapy and jet streams are great for rest and relaxation. These units have therapeutic benefits especially for the elderly.

Indoor in ground pool
If you want to be swimming, every day, each day, all year long, an indoor in-ground pool is the way to go. Considerably, more expensive than its counterparts these pools are difficult to setup and manage. However, it is ideal for those who wish to undertake swimming as an exercise seriously.

Swim spa pools
Ideal for water aerobics sessions swim spa pools make the most sense for those who want an economical indoor pool. Some of the smallest pools in the industry, swim spa pools come in various sizes and shapes along with a ton of accessories. Makes them great for homeowners who want to have access to a swimming pool all year round.

Endless pool​
An endless pool is more of a swimming machine than an actual pool. How does it work? It produces a current that pushes you back forcefully as you swim forward. This is designed to be a rigorous fitness machine and is a great exercise to pursue in the summer heat.

Installing a pool in your home, can be tricky so make sure your plumbing work is handled by professionals. Winter proofing your pool is also important and should be taken seriously. Maintenance of a pool all year round is essential. Neglecting to do so, would be an imminent health hazard.

Pro Plumbing is a company of reliable and trusted Edmonton plumbers who are experienced in all aspects of plumbing. They can help you winter proof your pool and keep it from freezing in the winter season. They provide consultations as to where would be an ideal spot to install the swimming pool, as well as how to avoid damaging any pipes during installation.

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