Hard water is when your water supply contains a high level of minerals. It is found widely all over the place and can be really harmful for the plumbing over time. It isn’t so dangerous to us but it does cause certain side effects to humans as well as our plumbing,

Let us look at some signs that will tell you if you do have a hard water problem and how you can do something about it.


Damaged kitchenware

If you find that your kitchenware is slightly scratched, stained or damaged this could be a sign that you are washing them with hard water. If you notice that after washing them, whether by hand or in a dishwasher, your crockery and cutlery suffer slight damage or fogginess, then you most probably have a hard water situation at hand.

Damaged Plumbing
Hard water damages faucets and shower heads. Anything that regularly distributes hard water can have a build up of mineral deposits on it. These will look like chalky white and crusty build up outside the showerhead or faucet. This build up can damage your plumbing by causing blockages that lead to ruptures and leaks. If you tend to notice this crusty buildup on your faucets and showerheads, call a plumber immediately.

Dry Skin and Hair
Soft water cleanses more than hard water does and so bathing in hard water is slightly different. You may feel unwashed and dry after a shower in hard water. If you have hard water you may find that your hair is more brittle and drier than before.

The best way to fight against hard water is to have a plumber install a water softener in your water line. This softener filters out the minerals from the water making it softer and less damaging to you and your plumbing, both.

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