Your home plumbing system is similar to the blood circulation system of a body. No one notices when it is working fine but the moment there is a clot, a heart attack is caused. It’s similar with your plumbing lines. Not cleaning and maintaining your lines regularly may land you in a soggy mess. Pipe maintenance in a cold city has its own set of problems. Be a smart home owner and care for your drains. It will keep your plumbing lines happy and dry for long.

Here are a few tips that might come handy.

Notice early signs:
There are always early signs. Dripping faucets, minor leaks, slow draining water from sink or bathtub and so on. Work on these issues as soon as you notice them. Prevention is better than cure.


Prevent Clogs:
Use filters for your showers, tubs and sinks that will decrease the chances of hairy clogs and waste matter from blocking your pipes. Never pour liquid grease down the drain, doing so will guarantee a clog. Grease it becomes solid in the cold. You must also refrain from using chemicals to open your clogs. They do more harm to your pipes and corrode them before their time. Best use baking soda and vinegar mix for unclogging.

Use soft water:
Hard water contains too many salts and minerals that get deposited in your pipes. They form a hard layer of salt inside the pipes after prolonged use. This is make your pipes brittle and corrode much faster. It is best to get your water checked and get a water softener installed if your water is hard.

Regular maintenance:
It is important that your plumbing lines get professional attention time to time. There are some issues which you might not be able to resolve at home. Book an appointment with Pro Plumbing for a professional and prompt service.

As they say – a stitch in time saves nine. Simple measures and awareness can help you take good care of your plumbing lines and save you a lot of money in future. Remember filters and soft water are your good friends. And, regular maintenance is as important since it ensures that your home does not have any major problems.

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