A good sewage system is a basic feature of a house built on an effective skeleton. Yet, it easily becomes the most unheeded part of one’s home. Since it is an invisible framework, most home owners tend to ignore any minor issue that would arise until it is too late. A clog in the plumbing is likely to cost you more if left unchecked over a long time. Hence, it is important that you are aware of possible reasons behind a sewage block and early signals.One of the main culprits most often is tree-root intrusion. This happens when there is a possible leak or crack in the pipes underground, and the tree roots in the vicinity get drawn towards the moisture source the crack is. Walk outside your home and look around. Even trees outside your fencing could have roots underneath spreading like cancer into a thin opening in your sewage line.

How does it happen?

It helps to know why these roots grow into your pipelines. Sewer pipes contain the essential nutrients and oxygen that the roots need to grow. When there is warm water flowing through the pipes, a small leak could also emit vapors which draw the roots in. First they will slowly penetrate the fissure, and then the roots will form tendrils within the pipe. These tendrils are a hairy mass, but they continuously absorb nutrients and slowly grow into a fully blown blockage. These masses catch household fats, oils, grease and grit (FOGG) which leads to the eventual clog in your home drains.

Some of the main symptoms that a vigilant home owner can spot include:

·         Gurgling sounds from your toilet

·         Improper draining of water from the bathtub or toilet bowls

·         Sewage backing up near your home sewer laterals

What can you do?

Your home and its sewer lateral are your responsibility. Keep an eye (and an ear) open and you could prevent expensive outlays due to neglected clogging. Be wary of DIY solutions available across the counter and at utility hardware stores. There are cases where a de-clogging agent would provide temporary solution to the block. These products generally contain copper sulfate crystals which are effective chemical agents in stopping the roots from growing and dissolving away some of the debris. But you need to understand that the problem is invisible to a home owner here.

This is where professional help can be sought, and it is most effective when made early. Smart home owners watch out for the symptoms and approach plumbers for inspection. A plumbing company can offer multiple tested solutions that could cater to the specific surrounding and sewer framework of your home. Generally, an early inspection results in a healthier price quote and maintenance. There are various methods for clearing the block like hydro jetting and root cutting. More importantly, permanent fixes are available like relaying the pipeline after bursting the faulty one. They also dig holes near the trees and chemically treat the infested area to stop the root growth.

Tree roots are one of the most common perpetrators to your sewer issues. A little alertness and early professional help could save you some money and a healthily maintained home in the long run.

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