Have you been hearing weird rumbling or shrieking sounds from the water pipes in your house? This can be a sign of a serious plumbing defect apart from being a reason of annoyance. Here are some most common causes of noisy water pipes.

Worn Out Washer
This is a common reason of noisy water pipes. The washer system at the stem of the faucets or valves wears out, cracks or gets damaged with time. A loose or damaged washer can flutter in the water stream and cause whistling or squealing in pipes. This can be fixed by replacing or tightening the washer.

Mineral or Debris Deposit
Rattling noises can also occur because of the mineral buildup or debris depositing in the pipes. Hard water or impure water can lead to these deposits on the inner surface of the pipes. The rough deposits result in the formation of air bubbles. These air bubbles burst while the water is flowing and lead to rumbling of the pipes. Sometimes small pieces of stone enter the pipe and wobble with the water flow which leads to noisy water pipes.

High Water Pressure
Water pressure should match the flow capacity of the pipes through which it flows. Too high water pressure can create loud knocking noises. The reason behind this is that when the water flow rate is above a particular level (generally 50 pounds per square), the even flow of water turns into a chaotic or turbulent flow, thus hitting the pipe walls. High water pressure is harmful to your house. It not only creates noise and vibrations of the pipe, but also damages the appliances and faucets, and their internal components.

Quick Shutdown of Valves
When a fast-closing valve, like a toilet fill or dishwasher valve is suddenly shut-off, pipes make a hammering sound. Sudden shut-off of these valves sends a shock down the water pipes and hence, water crashes on the valves making that rattling noise. This immediate turn OFF and change in the direction of water creates loud hammering noises. This phenomenon is known as water hammer or a hydraulic shock.

Loose Pipe Connections
Loosely attached pipes often vibrate when the water pressure is high. Water flowing rapidly in large volumes can cause these pipes to sway and produce rattling sounds. If not strapped securely, these pipes can bang with the walls or other closely installed pipes.

In rare cases, the force of water banging can lead to pipe breakage. All noisy water pipes require  a thorough plumbing inspection with the help of expert and reliable plumbers. To keep your plumbing system safe from plumbing defects, you should contact professional Edmonton plumbers for regular inspection.

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