A plumbing kit is one of those household essentials that you are better off getting as soon as possible. Plumbing disasters could be the worst kind of problems, some you would rather not face in a lifetime! This is primarily why having a plumbing toolkit of your own is a great idea!

Once you know what kind of housework requires tools, you will know based on priority, what tools should go into your toolbox. Here are some basic tools to fill up your toolkit and help you out till your plumber reaches.


Basic Plumbing Tools
These tools are absolutely essential for every household. While they may not be the tools you use for sever plumbing issues, these tools will help fix all minor plumbing work around the house, saving you some big bucks in the long run. These tools will help in jobs like installing new sinks, changing shower heads and faucets, etc.

  • Needle-nose pliers – Pliers are by far the most basic tool in any toolkit. These needle-nose pliers are great for detailed work. If you need a strong grip on a small part, then these work most efficiently.
  • Locking pliers – This one probably does the same work as an adjustable wrench, but it is a better option for a plumbing tool-kit.
  • Basin Wrench- Like the name suggests, this wrench is ideal for work in an around sinks. It is designed especially for hard-to-reach places under basins.
  • Plumbers tape – This tape, also known as Teflon tape, is great to have in your tool-kit. It is what you need when you have to seal your threaded pipes – the ones you find on showerheads and faucet supply lines.
  • Caulk and caulk gun – Caulk is always handy to have if you plan on installing a ceramic sink or repairing any shower seams in the future.
  • Plumbers’ putty- Plumbers putty is used to create a water-proof seal on areas like sink drains and other no pressure joints.

While these basic tools will help you out when you are facing an everyday plumbing fix, they may not be sufficient for more severe problems. The type of tools you may need for advanced plumbing are different and you may best seek the help of a professional plumbing if faced with serious plumbing concerns.

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    What's the difference between electrical tape and plumbers tape?

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