Plumbing is a crucial part of any household. It is better to take preventive measures than wait for a plumbing crises to strike. However, even after all the precautions plumbing emergencies aren’t completely avoidable. And it is important to recognize an emergency when you are facing one. You must immediately call you plumbing service and get the issue resolved to minimize the damage caused.

Some homeowners don’t recognize that they have a plumbing emergency on their hands until it’s too late. Flooding, a pipe burst, structural damage of the wall, a floor collapse and a very high utility bill are all plumbing emergencies. By catching onto a plumbing emergency, you can act fast and prevent further damage to your home, In emergency don’t try to handle the situation yourself, you will only end up in a bigger mess. To know exactly what qualifies as a plumbing emergency go through the list below.

No hot water:

You might not have hot water in your heater because of leakage. In that case call a plumber and get it fixed. But if you are aware, that there isn’t a leak in your heater, it can be because something is majorly wrong with it. During winters, it is impossible to survive in Edmonton without hot water even for a day. You must shut off your water heater and call the plumber immediately. Don’t every try dealing with the water heater yourself, it is dangerous and you might get burnt.


Frozen pipes:

In very cold weather the pipes or your garden hose might get frozen. You might try blow dryer on the area to melt the ice but if the issue doesn’t resolve itself you must call a plumber. Shut off all water flow to the affected area until you get it fixed. Frozen pipes can get cracked or even break. They might also cause more harm to the connecting pipes. This is a time to call emergency plumber because frozen pipes can bring unexpected problems, it is best to get you issue resolved by a professional.


If your basement or any part of your house gets flooded, it is time to call emergency plumber. No matter how tempted you are, don’t wad into the water. You might get a shock. Also you don’t have the right gear to save yourself from dangerous water microbes. There are many reasons of your property getting flooded. A professional plumber will inspect and inform you about the causes. He will also fix the problem and offer you precautionary solutions, so don’t have to suffer similar situation in future.

Do not ignore plumbing emergencies. The repercussion of it can be dire. When you find yourself in any of the emergency situation call Pro Plumbing. They offer the best professional plumbing service in Edmonton.

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