Hard water has been the arch nemesis of every well functioning plumbing system. And, it won’t be uncommon to hear about the nuisance that hard water creates along with lime scale in household all over the country. In this article, we will discuss why it is absolutely essential to prevent limescale from forming. Limescales are bad for your pipes. Period. They are capable of turning a well functioning pipe into a non-functioning piece of metal. Most household underestimate the the extent of the damage that limescale can inflict on your plumbing system. And often this ends up becoming the bane for their hale and hearty plumbing system.

What is Limescale?

Ever witness a hard, chalky substance accumulating in the inside of your pipes, especially if they are constantly exposed to hard water. Well, this hard and chalky substance is calcium carbonate. The vast majority of the water in many countries is hard, even though this water is treated. As water continues to filter through the ground, it picks up minerals. These minerals are later deposited in your pipes.

Why is it a problem?

What most people don’t know is that limescale will severely restrict the the flow of water through the pipes. Which in itself is not a good thing, as it lessens the efficiency of your plumbing system, diminishing the efficiency of your pipes. This situation continues to worsen with hot water pipes. This is due to the fact that lime scale has a property of forming much faster when it is exposed to higher temperatures. Over a definitive period of time, this cumulative restriction of water flow will eventually end up costing you quite a bit in wasted energy resources.

Although, the real reason for limescale being so synonymous with broken plumbing systems is its ability to totally ruin your pipes. This happens because after a certain point of time, the deposits of limescale in a pipe will go on to become so large and deeply entrenched that fixing your beloved pipe will be practically impossible without damaging it. And, it puts you in a tight spot where you really don’t have much of a choice because the only option that you are left with is to replace your pipes. Replacing your pipe is akin to replacing a part if your plumbing network due to a completely preventable problem.

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