Some people just don’t get it. Food does not go down a toilet, neither does plastic and bottle caps. If all the plumbers of the world had to make a bizarre list of things that people have flushed down in the past, the result would be quite amusing.

A lot of us seem to think that it really is a garbage disposal. It seems so harmless right? It’s all going down to a big sewer anyway. However, your drainage pipes will have another story to tell. One day you may come home to an overflowing toilet and it will not be a pretty sight.

This is why there are a few things, you absolutely should not flush!
1) Food

Yes the food you eat ends up in the toilet either way but that’s no reason to flush it down your toilet. The pungent odors will be coming up through your toilet and drains for days after you have flushed it down and you really do not want that to happen. Instead of having to suffer the smell of rotten food as you shower, just dispose of the food like you are meant to – in a garbage can.

2) Disposable wipes

Do not be fooled by the fact that they are meant to be flushable. While they may disappear from the toilet bowl they are major clogging material for your drains. They are too thick to actually flow smoothly into the public sewage system.

3) Diapers

A soaked diaper can really expand because that it what it is meant to do – absorb moisture. Now think of it trying to squeeze down the drain pipe. Even if it manages to push through, there will be a guaranteed pile up of things that are flushed down after it because a diaper isn’t going to decompose. That is why flushing down a diaper is a big no-no.

4) Grease

If you have ever seen what happened to grease when it is left out overnight, you’ll know that it solidifies. Imagine it solidifying in your drain pipe and eventually clogging up your entire pipe! Find other ways to dispose off or clean utensils off grease instead of flushing it down the toilet.

5) Cat Litter

Cat litter is usually made of clay and if you mix clay and water, you could get a cement like consistency which spells absolute danger to your sewer and your drain pipe. It may not happen with a one –time flush but repeated dunking of cat litter down your toilet will lead to a cemented drain pipe at some point.

If you keep the above items clear from your toilet, the chances of you ending up with a clogged drain or a backup of sewage will be decreased massively. If you do find yourself in a serious plumbing mishap though, call your plumber!

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