You come home from a long day at work and you decide to pop down to the basement to get a packet of chips and you start noticing a mildly foul smell. Do not panic if you open the door to see the basement pooled up with water. It can be quite overwhelming to be faced with a flooded basement, especially if it is a sewage back up and it’s very natural to want to clean it up as soon as possible. But, there are a few things you absolutely have to keep in mind if this ever happens to you so that you can be swift to action without putting yourself in danger.

Turn off the waterFirstly, you need to switch off the source of water to stop further flooding. This might require you to completely shut off the plumbing in your house. It is important that you learn how to do this much before you are faced with such a dilemma. If the flood is from a sewage backup, do not use the toilets or any other water sources in your house like your dishwasher or washing machine.

Gauge from a distance

Please remember that it may be unwise to walk through the water. You can be putting yourself at a risk of an electric shock! If you really must waddle through the water for whatever reason, please ensure that you turn off the power in your house. If your flood has come from a backed-up sewer pipe then make sure you are wearing fully covered protective wear as sewage water contains myriads of harmful bacteria that can be life threatening or vulnerable to scores of diseases. It is also important to check for any structural damage or gas leaks. If you are unsure of how to check these things, then it is best to call a professional and not enter the flooded area. Pro Plumbing is at your beck and call for these kinds of emergencies.

Call your insurance company

For your sake, hopefully you will be insured. Right after you have called the plumber, make sure you dial your insurance company. The sooner you call them, the more chances of you getting maximum coverage for the damage. You should click many photos of the damage and keeps the receipts of your plumbing bills and purchases ready for them.

Think of the Future

To avoid any future damage and mishaps you can take a few precautions. Keep stuff that could get damaged in a possible flood in a tight plastic containers. You can even call you plumber for regular drain check-up’s to ensure that your drainage systems are working effectively. This also helps ensure that your insurance company has a reason to satisfy your insurance claim or better still prevent future flooding.

Once these are done, you are on your way to a flood free basement.

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