There are some trivial plumbing problems that an amateur homemaker can handle all on his own, but when a more vicious problem strikes, it is time to call for the professional help of a plumber. Now, if this has happened to you several times before, you must know by now what the plumber’s course of action will be. These are some things you can definitely expect when the plumber arrives at your front step to unclog your drain:

The Plunger Attack:
The Plunger, by far, is the most effective weapon in unclogging any drain. That is why it is also the most commonly-used method in homes. Your plumber will resort to this method as soon as he assesses what the exact problem is. It is his best friend.


The Drain Snake:
If you have been a little too careless with the way you use the bathroom and the plunger fails to work its magic, then the plumber will use the drain snake next. The drain snake, also referred to as the ‘piper’s snake’, is a chemical-based consumer product that unblocks sewer pipes and helps to prevent the occurrence of clogged drains.

If a single sink, toilet, or drain has been clogged, then the obvious choice is to use a chemical drain cleaner that gets rid of soft obstructions such as hair and grease clogs. However, if more than one plumbing fixture is clogged up, the plumber will opt for an electrical drain cleaner that will clear all the soft as well as the hard obstructions along the entire length of the drain.

The Lesson:
While the plumber is trying his best to disguise his repulsion at all the stuff that he had to remove from your drain pipe as passion for his profession, you can expect him to teach you a lesson or two about keeping the pipes clean and free from all that filth simply by following a few techniques and/or avoiding a few habits, such as draining the hair down instead of collecting it and throwing it into the wet trash basket, using vent pipes for anything other than venting (this actually happens), and pouring too much chemicals into a septic system like drain cleaners, chlorine bleach, paint, anti-bacterial soaps, grease, etc. These chemicals kill the essential waste-eating bacteria in the septic tank. These are some things you can avoid doing and save yourself the trouble of inviting the plumber over for blockage problems.

If you know exactly what I am talking about in the aforementioned points, then perhaps it is time for you to learn and master some basic plumbing tricks and tips so that you don’t have to listen to a professional going on and on about how you should avoid doing stupid things, and thus, you can also avoid having to actually pay him for giving you a piece of his mind.

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